Russian Icon Lady of Vladimir

The Theotokos of Vladimir also known as Our Lady of Vladimir or Virgin of Vladimir and “The Vladimir Madonna” – is one of the most venerated Orthodox icons and a typical example of Eleusa Byzantine iconography. The Theotokos (Greek word for Virgin Mary, literally meaning “Birth-Giver of God”) is regarded as the holy protectress of…

About Kasimir Malevich and his style.

Kasimir Malevich (1879-1935), Russian painter and theorist, founder of Supermatism. Born and trained near Kiev, he settled in Moscow in 1905.His painting style thereafter reflects the influence of a succession of European movements, from impressionism and Post-Impressionism, through a primitivist celebration of peasant life – due largely to his association with Cubism and Futurism. By 1915 he had produced his first purely abstract geometric compositions, which he labeled Suprematism.

Art market sales, 2001.

Fears of a dire crisis for the art market following the deadly terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center twin towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington seemed to fade away between November 5th and 7th 2001 thanks to a series of record bids during the sales of the Hoener, Smooke and Gaffé collections.