Yuri Reznik

Only in the world of creation and art I can simultaneously be a writer and a captain of a long voyage. I can discover new lands and describe their fascination. To reflect the world in painting is to perpetuate it, to prolong its existence. I would like as many people as possible to see my world.

List of Russian Icons. Part 3. Icons of Vladimir-Suzdal.

Icons of Vladimir-Suzdal. Theotokos of Bogolyubovo 1155. Painted: Bogolyubovo Current location: Convent of Princesses, Vladimir Our Lady of Saint Theodore// Saint Paraskevi (double-sided). Painted: Gorodets-on-the-Volga (Alexander Nevsky‘s family) Current location: Theophany Monastery,Kostroma Deesis with the Archangels 1180s. Painted: Dormition Cathedral, Moscow. Current location: State Tretyakov Gallery. Deesis with John the Baptist and the Virgin. Painted: Dormition Cathedral, Moscow. Current location:…