4 Russian Medieval Icon Painters.

Andrey Rublev, St Paul. Dionysius. Descent Into Hell. Ushakov, Saviour. Troitse Sergiyeva Lavra 1658. Feofan Greck, Our Lady of the Don. Four Russian icon painters left the distinct mark on Russian history and deserve special mention. Feofan Grek (Theophanes the Greek) Andrey Rublev Dionysius Simon Ushakov Feofan Grek’s work is found in Novgorod and Moscow,…

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List of Russian Icons. Part 3. Icons of Vladimir-Suzdal.

Icons of Vladimir-Suzdal. Theotokos of Bogolyubovo 1155. Painted: Bogolyubovo Current location: Convent of Princesses, Vladimir Our Lady of Saint Theodore// Saint Paraskevi (double-sided). Painted: Gorodets-on-the-Volga (Alexander Nevsky‘s family) Current location: Theophany Monastery,Kostroma Deesis with the Archangels 1180s. Painted: Dormition Cathedral, Moscow. Current location: State Tretyakov Gallery. Deesis with John the Baptist and the Virgin. Painted: Dormition Cathedral, Moscow. Current location:…

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Russian Icon Lady of Vladimir

The Theotokos of Vladimir also known as Our Lady of Vladimir or Virgin of Vladimir and “The Vladimir Madonna” – is one of the most venerated Orthodox icons and a typical example of Eleusa Byzantine iconography. The Theotokos (Greek word for Virgin Mary, literally meaning “Birth-Giver of God”) is regarded as the holy protectress of…

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List of Russian Saints.

Alexander Nevsky, Prince of Novgorod and Grand Prince of Vladimir, military hero famous for the Battle of Neva and the Battle of the Ice, patron saint and considered by a poll to be the greatest person in Russian history Ambrose of Optina, starets of the Optina Monastery Andrei Rublev, most famous Russian icon-painter, author of…

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The sources of Russian icon-painting.

The sources of Russian icon-painting date back to the Xth century, when ancient Russia adopted Christianity and Kiev received her first Byzantine artists, under whom local craftsmen were trained. Thus arose the Byzantino-Russian workshops which adorned with mosaics, frescoes and icons the celebrated Churches of Kiev, including the Church of the Tithe (989-996) and the…

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